How To Secure A Laptop Without A Security Slot

You may remember, for many years laptops used to include a security slot which was designed to fit a lock cable most typically a Kensington security lock. Nowadays with modern laptops becoming thinner and lighter, many brands have removed these slots, instead maximising the use of space for other components. Though the slot has been phased out, laptop theft has not and is even on the rise. So how can you physically protect your laptop from getting stolen?

Thankfully there are a few solutions out there, and in this blog post we'll talk you through them so you can decide which is best for you. 


1. Anchor Adapter

The Anchor Adapter is a small device that adds a lock slot to your laptop. The Anchor fits into the audio / 3mm headphone port in your laptop and with the turn of a screw is secured. You can then attach a Kensington style lock into the lock slot and use just as if your laptop had a security slot!  The lock will cover up access to the screw so the Anchor cannot be removed by a thief. If you already have a standard T-bar Kensington lock this will be a perfect accessory to keep your laptop safe. 

The Anchor is small enough to fit in laptop sleeves so there's no need to uninstall after every use. However if you want to remove the Anchor simply turn the screw to remove. 

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2. Universal Laptop Security Lock System

If you don't already have laptop lock cable then this is the solution for you. The Universal solution includes the Anchor adaptor plus a 4-digit combination laptop cable lock. They are designed to work together perfectly. Once the Anchor Adapter is installed in the audio / 3mm headphone port, the laptop cable lock can then be anchored around a fixed point like a desk leg and connected to the Anchor. The cable lock will cover the screw so the Anchor can't be removed by a thief. 

The 4 digit combination number can be set to a memorable number, and being keyless means there's no worry of losing keys! 

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3. AlarmID

For those looking for a versatile solution that not only works with modern laptops but other valuable possessions, look no further! The AlarmID is a theft deterrant, with a 100db alarm that will stop any thief in their tracks. Plug the AlarmID into your laptop's USB-C port and activate using the biometric fingerprint sensor. If someone tries to remove or cut the cable, the alarm will instantly sound alerting anyone around. When you're ready to remove the AlarmID, simply deactivate using your fingerprint and remove. 

The AlarmID can be used to secure any device with a USB-C port, so tablets, notebooks and even phones. And it doesn't stop there - the AlarmID has been designed with it's own USB-C port so can be used with luggage, prams amongst other possessions! 

In addition you can add multiple users to the biometric fingerprint sensor so can be used with family, friends and colleagues.  

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