About us

Multplx Founder

Out of a love of good design & quality products, we create physical security solutions fit for modern technology devices.  

We've been crafting innovative security products for both businesses and lifestyle since 2008. While people may think security solutions are boring, clunky and uninspired, we believe that security products can be functional, innovative and look beautiful. That ethos is poured into each and every one of our products.

As our devices become increasingly important and work and personal time is ever more blurred, we help our customers keep their devices safe, so they can always focus on what's important to them wherever they are. That could be in the workplace, in a cafe or in an airport. 

Our products secure thousands of devices all across the world, loved by businesses and consumers. And as our lifestyle evolves, we'll continue to innovate to help people and businesses pursue their goals and passions. 

Adam Theobald, Founder