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Arm Lock

Arm Lock

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Arm Length

Security upgrade - Arm Lock attachment

Upgrading security has never been easier; simply turn the Tetrahedral key to lock. Created from a single piece of aluminium to make it thinner, lighter and more secure. The surface is polished to a superior high shine, reflecting the environment to minimise its visual appearance. 

  • Easy to adjust to the perfect thickness.
  • Easy to adjust to the perfect length.
Compatible with:

J-Plug Alarm 2 (Required Secure Pad Plate), J-Plug Alarm Core 2 (Required Core Secure Pad 2), J-Plug Splitter 2 (Required Core Secure Pad 2), and J-Plug Fixie

Includes: 1x Armlock Pad, 1x set of Armlock Arms, and 1x Armlock Pad Adhesive. 

Please Note: A Tetrakey is required to operate the Arm Lock.

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