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Power Cable

Power Cable

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Connect to our J-Plug alarm products to power it up

Standard cable offers plentiful power to charge low-powered devices while the Boost and Boost + Battery offers high Amp output to keep even the most power-hungry devices top up, while the latter offers additional security during a power outage.

Compatible with:

J-Plug Alarm 2J-Plug Alarm Core 2J-Plug Splitter 2, and J-Plug Fixie

Includes: 1x Power Cable

Technical: Cable length: 1500mm. Standard - Up to 0.5A (Up to 1.5A for J-Plug Fixie), Boost - Up to 1.0A, Boost + Battery - Up to 1.0A.

Please Note: We recommend to use the Standard Power Cable for J-Plug Fixie, as the product already has built-in backup battery.

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