Universal Laptop Security Lock System

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Product Description

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Compatible with any laptop, the Universal Laptop Security Lock System is the easiest way to physically secure your laptop. Effortlessly install in seconds. The lightweight, slim design of this extremely secure laptop lock solution is perfect when you're on the go. Our patented locking design requires no adhesive or alteration to the body of your laptop.

Best for: Regular use, when you want to install / uninstall daily

  • Compatible with MacBooks, Surface, Dell, Lenovo and all other laptops with an audio / headphone port
  • Install in seconds, easily uninstall 
  • Strong 1.7m steel cable for maximum protection
  • Keyless security with a 4 digit combination lock
  • Small lightweight design, fits inside sleeves or bags


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Keep your laptop secure in remote & co-working spaces, retail locations, events, schools, university, cafes and airports. 


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"The Multplx Anchor Adapter impressed me with its simple yet effective design."



Why we designed this
  • A laptop has a 1 in 10 chance of being stolen, and every 53 seconds a laptop theft occurs
  • Modern laptops don't have dedicated laptop lock slots
  • So we designed the Anchor Adapter to add a lock slot to any laptop, and prevent laptop theft for everyone
What's in the box?

1. Anchor Lock Slot Adaptor

What's in the Anchor Lock Slot Adaptor Box


2. Laptop Combi Lock

Which laptops are compatible with the Universal Laptop Security Lock?
The Universal Laptop Security Lock System is compatible with all laptops that have at 3.5mm headphone jack port. This includes all Apple MacBooks (inc Pro and Air), Microsoft Surface, Dell, Lenovo and HP laptops. It's also with any tablet that has a 3.5mm headphone jack port. 
Can I still use the audio port?
Yes you can uninstall the Anchor Adaptor at anytime to continue using your audio port.
Can't the Anchor just be removed from the audio port?
No. The Anchor can only be removed after being unlocked by the user, protecting it from theft.


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